Management Training

I enjoy working both as a consultant in individual training programs for leaders as well as a trainer in HRD courses for leaders. Taking into account tremendous influence of leaders on the results of activities and atmosphere in organizations, it is almost always possible to increase managerial potential in self-management and dealing with groups. Proper analysis, targeting and follow-up of training programs provides empowerment and nuanced information for management.

Consulting top-managers is one of the good ways to check basic decision-making and HRD situation, initiating and completing necessary changes. Consulting techniques (nowadays packaged under the titles of coaching, mentoring and supervision) increase resilience and self-efficacy of managers/leaders. When the mind of a leader is better self-controlled, self-confidence of others will also increase.

We make assessments of the present situation, the influence of last large-scale decisions, sources of long-term tensions, HRD resources. Critical incidents and crisis, as we know, also provide many good opportunities …