I am sure that a good training day brings elation and exhilaration, understanding and small or sometimes big victories to participants, especially in dealing with complex everyday challenges and tasks. In my view a high quality management training includes well-targeted efforts, inner world reflections, selected games, puzzles and surprises to generate insights, sharing of wisdom and personal leadership experience. Increasing tolerance and realistic kindness towards people runs in the bottom-line …

Exercises and techniques performed in the training are definitely more important than discovering new ideas or facts. The latter we can always get from reading good books. A good training helps us to increase awareness and to relate this knowledge to our personal world. However, the reading suggestions on the training topics are relevant.
A good training is always an energizing encounter. It helps us set new targets and increase the willingness to implement new skills. (In any case by any odds a good training energises and gives targets and criteria to implementation of new skills.)

The training topics listed below can be modified and combined depending on actual needs in a specific management situation:

  • Facts and fictions in Psychology of Change Management – what managers should do and what should be avoided? Tactics to deal with different types of psychological, power-driven and political resistances.
  • Communication techniques and basic attitudes in critical situations. How to make communication easier and feel better in everyday complex situations?
  • How to get maximum profit from critical incidents and crises in organizations? How to minimize psychological losses for yourself and your team? Experiential learning, resilience and life philosophy in dealing with crisis.
  • Psychological Agreements – what prerequisites matter the most? What conditions are almost sufficient to make an agreement that works? Emotional checking of agreements between people and the leader’s role in it.
  • Rules of smart behaviour in ambivalent situations of high uncertainty. Understanding hidden motives and psychological laws of controversial encounters. How to activate potentials of different types of personality? Personal influence of leaders on organizational and business culture.
  • New techniques in self-management – making betteruse of the resources of our inner world. Argumented self-confidence as expected result of increasing mindfulness, self-control and self-consciousness.
  • Life enhancement strategies and resilience. Subjective well-being and search of optimal experiences. Hedonic life view and positive psychology.
  • How to build stable and active work atmosphere? Malignant and benign results of solving critical incidents. Energizers, games, puzzles, mini-experiments etc Intensive techniques of influencing people. Initiative, passion, stillness, enthusiasm – how much can be controlled? What are the limits of managing intensive emotions?
  • Our people who matter the most. Long-term realtionships. Colleagues, business partners, soul-mates. Values of social capital – how to measure? Our people as our emotional resources. Achieving balance between work and private life.
  • Experiential learning as powerful agent of human development when dealing with critical situations.
  • Power mechanisms – charisma defined, factors of efficient suggestions and persuasion. Intuition and discovering lies.
  • Factors of ability and readiness to be in good contact with others. Working with quality of relationships.
  • Emotional «working-through». New data from brain-research.
  • Altered states of consciousness and life philosophy.
  • Inner time, consciousness, time-perspectives and subjective well-being

Over the years I have enjoyed working with co-trainers Arno Baltin, Tõnu Lehtsaar, Andres Liinat, Heiti Pakk, Aleksander Pulver, Alar Tamming, Erik Terk among others. It has been exciting for both, participants and trainers – sharing emotional experiences in a group.

Training cycles in cooperation with – Äripäev and ERE koolitused have been highly appreciated by our clients.